Section 3 Developments is a private equity and venture capital company based in the Cayman Islands focusing on International Investment Strategies, spanning over 17 non-correlated asset classes including, advertising, B2B solutions, digital security, entertainment and social media, food and beverage, industrial chemical, medical equipment, real estate, renewable energies, sustainable farming, and technology.
Director, Section 3 Investments, Inc.

Michael Tapajna

Director and Owner of Section 3 Developments, Michael Tapajna presents a diverse history of business, private investing, and international faith-based/humanitarian works and projects.

Building upon the foundations lay through his family’s chemical business; Michael gained the invaluable education of large-scale business operation and financial resource management. Following the foundational years, Michael successfully diversified his personal interests, focusing his investment strategies in venture identification and well-timed positioning. Throughout his expansive years of experience, Michael Tapajna has established both lasting relationships and equitable opportunities.


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