Director, Section 3 Developments, Inc.

Michael Tapajna

Director and Owner of Section 3 Developments, Michael Tapajna presents a diverse history of business, private investing, and international faith-based/humanitarian works and projects.

Building upon the foundations lay through his family’s chemical business; Michael gained the invaluable education of large-scale business operation and financial resource management. Following the foundational years, Michael successfully diversified his personal interests, focusing his investment strategies in venture identification and well-timed positioning. Throughout his expansive years of experience, Michael Tapajna has established both lasting relationships and equitable opportunities.

In addition to Mr. Tapajna’s business endeavors, Michael has devoted personal significant support to faith-based organizations and has worked with multiple international charities and NGO’s.

It is with great enthusiasm and season that Michael Tapajna presents his professional and personal excellence through Section 3 Developments.

Director of Strategy

Karanai Ravenscroft

Karanai Ravenscroft is the Director of Strategy at Section 3 Developments, an international private equity and venture capital company based in the Cayman Islands. Karanai specializes in identifying company investment strategies and implementing the execution and operation protocol for each venture. She oversees all aspects of the company’s activities and client relationships. Prior to her time at Section 3 Developments, Karanai was a co-founding operations director for an international forex trading company, and a senior business consultant in San Francisco. Adding to the diverse fields of experience, Karanai Ravenscroft began her professional career in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, where she founded and ran a successful production company.

Still maintaining her flare for creativity and storytelling, Karanai uniquely approaches business as if it were a living entity with a story to tell. She immerses herself into each project, nuance and “big-picture” alike. “Every detail matters if it’s a good story… likewise to be said, every detail matters if it’s viable opportunity”.

Community driven, Karanai is a wife, mother, pup-mum, a proponent of strong working relationships, and offers this bit of intel to inquiring minds: “Karanai” (pronunciation: “Kara-nay”).